A sailboat for limitless Exploration


Very soon after the launch of their 45-footer, the Garcia Exploration 52 became an obvious addition. A big fifty-footer is exactly what you need to comfortably share your faraway journeys, whether high-latitude or tropical. While the first model in the range is ideal for a couple going around the world, the 52 can welcome family and friends for the time necessary to share the most beautiful places on our planet.

The core of the Garcia Exploration concept remains unchanged. Only a little more than a meter of draft when it is necessary, it is indeed a centerboard vessel. The grey of the hull doesn’t hide the solidity of aluminum, even if the shapes carved by exceptional metalworkers could have been reminiscent of the precision of a molded hull.

Rudders and helm stations could only ever be in pairs for Olivier Racoupeau when it comes to controlling a modern, powerful hull with your fingertips, a lifestyle in a space as vast as… all the oceans of the world.

At the front of the very large cockpit with its cleverly designed ergonomics, the rigid cap, which protects two real watchkeeping stations, also offers a real transition zone before going into the warm interior.

You pass the solid watertight doors of the companionway in three smooth steps. Whether you are standing at the companionway or in the galley, sitting in the vast saloon or at the central helm station, you’ll never miss a moment of the planet as it passes by through the windows.


Designing boats to go far, for long periods and in all weathers is what Berret Racoupeau Yacht Design have been applying their talent to for thirty years.

With the help of the Garcia design team, which also benefits from forty years of experience in long-distance cruising, they were able to determine all the parameters required for the success of an exploration sailboat to their optimum level on the Exploration 52: seaworthiness and comfort on every point of sail, in all weathers, significant daily averages thanks to regular speeds in all circumstances, high carrying capacity not affecting performance.

By translating Jimmy Cornell’s brilliant inspiration into drawings, shapes and plans, the Exploration 52 design team – joined by Halvard Mabyre, an accomplished sailor and racer, for the ergonomics of the cockpit – succeeded in creating a boat that is faithful to the original spirit while contributing more in each individual area.

This is particularly noticeable in the interior where, while the attractive combination of panoramic view, deck saloon and forward helm station is obviously maintained, and the three double cabins take their original place. The master cabin with its full width at the front will not fail to seduce you with its volumes, its light, its storage spaces, its workspaces, and its private bathroom.

Below the saloon, to starboard, the technical room (or optional fourth cabin) allows for storage of food and spare parts, while potentially accommodating a large capacity washer/dryer.

The galley and saloon room are large enough to accommodate 6 to 8 guests in the greatest comfort. Soft upholstery, leather on the handrails, Corian for the worktops, lighting adapted to each function, everything helps you feel serene, confident that you have made the right choice. Designed for the long-haul…

Technical Specifications
Overall Length
Length of hull
Waterline length
Draught (centerboard down)

Draught (centerboard up)

Air draught (excl. Antenna)


Fixed ballast
Freshwater tank capacity

Black water capacity
Diesel tank capacity

Standard Version